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One of the things I’ve been asked for most often is a packing list. I’ve developed a packing guide for worry-free motorcycle travel. The guide contains a comprehensive list of essential items that I take with me when I travel and – it all fits in my side cases and top case – with nothing strapped to the back seat or top of the top case!

Take what you WILL use, not what you MIGHT use (except for tools and emergency equipment.)

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At EZ Moto Tim we encourage you to ride your motorcycle to visit friends, see distant sights, and have memorable experiences.

Friends last a lifetime. Ride to renew old friendships and rekindle relationships that have been faded by the intervening miles.

Dinner with friends, Alpine, TX

Dinner with friends, Alpine, TX

Sights are meant to please. Ride to see a National Park, an ocean, a canyon, a mountain, or a public art display. Ride to a national rally or event. Wherever you go, pause to soak in the distant sight.

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, TX

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, TX

Experiences are the high-points of your riding life. Carve the curves of a famous section of road or deal with the challenges of a breakdown. Savor the thrill of the experience.

Breakdown, Cortex, CO

Breakdown, Cortex, CO

Half the fun of riding is is the journey; the other half is the destination. The fun factor of your adventure is directly related to the effort you put into your ride.

Plan for a great adventure. Pick your destination, select your route, and arrange your lodging.

(Yes, it’s fun to just head out with no particular destination or route in mind, but it’s a bummer when you get back home and discover you missed seeing something by only a couple of miles.)

Route plan for riding “The Dragon.”

Prepare yourself and your bike for your trip. Gather the items you need to take with you. Practice packing your bike. Change the fluids, check the tires, and complete any maintenance that is needed at least three weeks before you leave.

Service your bike well-before leaving on your adventure.

Pursue your desire to travel. Schedule the time off, save some money, pack your bike and GO!

Pursue your adventure and twist the throttle.

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