These are products I have used that you may find useful.

Riders deal with dirty clothes when they are away from home in several ways. Some throw them away; some ship them home; others wash them. These products make doing laundry while on a motorcycle trip much easier.
There are so many electronic devices you can take with you on a long ride. To keep them running all day, you need ways to charge the batteries as you ride. Here are several devices I use to keep things charged.
Bluetooth communicators provide bike-to-bike communication with the advantage of not being tethered to the bike with a cable.
It’s important to stay hydrated while riding. Several products make it easy to drink water while wearing a full-face helmet.
Often we want to mount a phone, camera, and GPS to our bikes. These RAM mounts make it very easy to mount your electronics to your bike.
Here are some of the important tools I like.
If you like to mark where you’ve ridden, these wall maps are perfect for keeping a visual record of your adventures.
The laptop you carry with you is at greater risk of getting damaged. If you backup every few days you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you can recover the pictures you’ve taken. Here are two items you need to backup and restore a Windows 10 PC.