Read the accounts of the adventures I’ve ridden.

In the Summer of 2016 I rode my Road Glide to and around Alaska, going as far north as the Arctic Circle.

In 2007 I went on my first grand adventure – the USA Four Corners Tour, which is sponsored by the Southern California Motorcycle Association. Door-to-door I rode for 29 days and covered 11,000 miles.

Members of the online forum,, have met each year since 2011 for a national rally of road Glide riders They label the event, “Shark Week,” paying homage to the “Shark Nose” fairing of the Road Glide. Riders have also organized regional events around the country.

When I’m not going to a Road Glide meetup or Motor Maids convention, I head out on other adventures to visit friends and distant sights.

The Motor Maids, established in 1940, is the oldest women’s motorcycling organization in North America. They meet regularly for social or charity events and each year they travel to their annual convention. I have accompanied my wife to several of the annual conventions. You can read about those trips here.