Backup Your Windows 10 PC

The laptop you carry with you on your bike is at greater risk of getting damaged. If you backup at your hotel every few days you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you can recover the pictures you’ve taken. You need two items to backup and restore a Windows 10 PC. You need an external hard drive on which to save the backup System Image and a thumb drive that is at least 16GB to create a Recovery Drive. You should purchase 1 hard drive for each PC you want to backup. These items are small enough to carry on your bike.

I purchased 1TB drive. For a few dollars more you can get a drive that is twice as big allowing you to save more backups. To read my article on how to backup your PC, Click Here.

External Hard Drive & Thumb Drive

Suggested Alternatives

These items are suggested alternatives if you want a larger drive or one from a different manufacturer.