It’s important to stay hydrated when riding a motorcycle in hot weather. You can use a Camelbak backpack or put a water bladder in a tank bag.

Recently I decided I wanted to carry a standard water bottle on the outside of my tank bag and still use a Camelbak-like hose and mouthpiece. Here are the items I found on Amazon.

This hydration tube screws onto a standard water bottle.

A brush kit makes cleaning the hose easy.

You may want to use a right-angle mouthpiece instead of the one supplied with the hose.

You can use this setup with a standard water bottle like this one from Trader Joe’s.

This bag fits standard water bottles. It has a couple of straps with snaps and lots of loops for tying on to other gear. You can get a single bag or a pair.

If you need a hydration bladder for your tank bag, they come in many sizes and shapes. Here’s one I use with my Rapid Transit tank bag.