Riders I know handle laundry while on the road several different ways. Some take old clothes with them and throw them away when they get dirty. Others mail their dirty clothes home and buy new ones along the way. Others do laundry every few days.

I prefer to do laundry every few days or even a little bit every day. One of the issues of doing laundry is having to carry soap on the bike and dealing with the potential for spills. A friend told me about a product that I have been using for several years – Wash EZE. It’s available in scented and unscented versions and in different quantities. The major advantage is that it packs flat and you don’t have to worry about it leaking on to other things in your bag.

This product is soap, softener, and static control in sheet form. You put the sheet in the washer and transfer it to the dryer. You can also use it when you do a few things in the sink or bath tub. I use a half-sheet in the tub and a quarter-sheet in the sink.

If you wash things out in the hotel, there is also the issue of how and where to dry your wet clothes. We use a travel clothesline that does not require clothes pins. The twisted elastic cord will hold your things while they dry.

It’s always a challenge to find places in the room from which to suspend the clothesline. The night security latch is a good place to start. Sturdy wall lamps can work as well. The plastic hooks on the ends of the clothesline can hook to something or can wrap around and hook to the line.

If you have shirts or blouses that you’d like to put on a hanger, this inflatable hanger is easy to pack.

And if you need some clothes pins, these will do the trick. You can hang them on the shower rod in the bathroom.

TIP: Ask for extra towels and use them to get as much water out of the clothes before hanging them up to dry.


Do you have laundry products you like to use while on the road? If so, mention them in a comment below.