Often you want to mount electronic gear or a camera to your bike. RAM mounts are the best in my experience. Here are some of the products I use.

Many of the mounts come with a U-Bolt for 1″ handlebars.

If you have a newer Harley-Davidson with 1.25″ handlebars, it’s harder to find a 1.25″ U-Bolt. I bought one at Lowes, but in the RAM family, the Tough-Claw mounts work well on the 1.25″ handlebars and engine guards. Size Small fits nicely.

The stock, triangular, tapered bars on the Triumph Trophy will not accept a U-Bolt. I know. I tried. The U-Bolt slides as you tighten it. The Medium size Tough-Claw works perfectly. I have 2 of them on my bike for the GPS and my phone.

If you have an ATV with larger bars, the large Tough-claw may work for you.

I have a large phone with an Otterbox Defender. I use an X-Grip for large phones.

For smaller phones you can get the standard size.

Of course you can order the whole setup for smaller phones.

Amazon has all the RAM pieces you need for whatever you are mounting.