USB Power for Your Devices

There are so many electronic devices you can take with you on a long ride. Phones, tablets, communicators, and cameras all have batteries that need to be charged. To keep them running all day, you need ways to charge the batteries as you ride. Here are several devices I use to keep things charged.

Plug-able Power Solutions

Your bike may have an SAE connector for charging the battery. (If it doesn’t you can install one easily.) These devices plug into an SAE connector. The first item is a splitter that provides multiple SAE connections from one so you can connect several devices.

There is also a 1 to 3 adapter…

… and a 1 to 2 adapter.

I prefer plug-in power supplies because they are easier to replace when they go bad.

This USB power supply has a 3 Amp capacity and 2 ports, so it will easily charge a phone or tablet and a communicator. One post is a QualCom 3.0 port for phones with fast charging capability.

Hard-Wired Power

You wire either of these devices into your bike’s power system. One unit has a micro USB connector that plugs directly into your phone and the other has a standard USB connector that accepts your phone’s charging cable. You might want to buy a couple of these if you have a couple of devices to charge.

Adapters for SAE Power Plug

If you don’t have an SAE battery tender lead attached to your battery, you can add one or you can plug an adapter into your cigarette lighter or DIN socket.

Battery to SAE

Cigarette Lighter Port  to SAE


SAE to Cigarette Lighter Port

Battery Backup of Phone or Bluetooth Devices

If you ride long distances, your phone and your Bluetooth communicator will run down the battery before the end of your ride. This battery has the capacity to keep your devices charged.

Charge Your Devices at the Hotel

Once you have arrived at your destination you will need several power outlets to keep your devices charged. In older hotel rooms you are lucky to find one unused outlet. This charger has 6 ports and 60 watts capacity. That’s plenty of capacity to charge all your devices.

Tip: Carry a 3-way socket or a short extension cord with multiple outlets so you can plug in everything in a room with only one available outlet.

I carry an extension cord similar to this one.