Road Glide Meetups

Members of the online forum, got together for a meetup for the first time in 2011. Chris Hutter organized the event and led a “Gypsy Tour” from Pittsburgh to Gettysburg. About 40 people on 33 Road Glides enjoyed riding in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. Each evening they sat together around picnic tables at the hotel and formed lasting friendships.

The group has met each year since and labeled the event “Shark Week” paying homage to the “Shark Nose” fairing of the Road Glide. Riders have also organized regional events around the country.

2018 Trips

Shark Week VIII – Durango, CO

Terlingua and Eureka Springs 

2017 Trips

Shark Week VII – Cherokee, NC 

Terlingua, TX 

Eureka Springs, AR 

2016 Trips

Shark Week VI 2016 – Canmore, AB