The Arctic Circle Story and Today — 9 Comments

  1. Glad you are ok from the spill. That roads looks nasty slick. Looks like a good set of knobby tires would be in order if you were to spend much time riding around up there.

  2. Tim, are you on you way back to head for Canmore? Technically if so, that’s a hard way to earn a shark tooth at Sharkweek! You really went out of your way to get it. Glad you and the bike are ok.

  3. I’m glad you weren’t injured!! I think you’re far above an average rider; you just exceeded the capability of the tires to maintain traction. I’m wondering – does it qualify for a shark tooth necklace?
    If you’re planning to head southeast soon, you’ll hit some nice weather after Sunday. In fact, it looks like you’ll not have rain next week, if you’re riding down the ALCAN. If you go down the Cassiar, there’s a chance of rain on Wed-Fri (50-70%).

  4. Tim you are far from an average rider. Roadglides loaded down with gear & smooth road tires are not meant to ride in that slop! That was the reason I kept telling Joe to take Bmw over the Harley! I have seen these roads & only true off road bikes are designed for these roads when the weather turns to shit! Glad you are OK & smart enough to take it slow! I have another friend that did this trip 3 weeks ago. His adventure touring bike is still in a shed in Ankorage & he flew home after getting hurt when he dumped his bike a few weeks ago. He is a very good rider as well, but has a hard time riding slow enough to be safe!! Ride safe & anxious to hear your stories in Canmore!

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