Mountain Roads and a Hit-n-Run — 10 Comments

  1. Wow! What a day, great things to see! That Vietnam Vet Memorial was beautiful, the bridge and gorge also stunning, very cool old train! Glad Beth is fine and wish you’d found the hit and run driver. I wonder if he even saw her 😒

  2. I work with a colleague who lived out there. She said studies have been made which revealed almost half (at times) of the drivers on the highway couldn’t pass a sobriety test! Glad Beth is ok!

  3. We are so sorry to hear about Beth’s hit-n-run sideswipe ordeal. I’m so glad to hear that she is okay. I wish the driver had stopped.

    • Thank you. Yes, it would have been nice if the driver had stopped, but if he was that kind of person he never would have hit her.

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